FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

No. Our 9:00am service is a blend of both current and classic Christian music.  This service periodically includes featured soloists.  Our 10:45am service includes current Christian music.  Both services are led by a vocal team and band. The sermon is the same for both services.

A typical service at Grace Bible church is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes long.

If you’ve never been to church, then we’re very flattered that you’re considering coming to Grace! We would love to meet you at the front door, introduce ourselves, help you find a seat and answer your most important questions about God, Christ His Son, and your role in God’s amazing plan for mankind. If you’d like someone to show you around Grace Bible Church this Sunday, please contact us here and we’ll arrange it.

Electives are classes for adults held at Grace on Sunday mornings during the regular service times of 9:00am and 10:45am. Many churchgoers choose to attend the service one hour and an Elective another hour. Generally, an Elective ranges from 15 to 25 people and focuses on a particular topic, book of the Bible or current, Biblically-relevant trend in our culture. Each Elective is different and caters to a different demographic within the church.

Childcare and Family Needs

Yes! It is important to us that all attendees, including the hearing impaired, can enjoy Sunday morning services with us. We provide amplification devices to many of our attendees to assist them in hearing the morning’s message. Just ask at the Sound Booth and someone will be happy to assist you.

Doctrine and Theology

We are a non-denominational church. That means that we are not restricted to a particular religious denomination, such as Orthodoxy, Anglicanism or Roman Catholicism. We do not have a diocese or other ruling authority over our church’s activities or doctrine outside of the Holy Bible. You can view our Statement of Faith.

Does Grace have baptism services?

Throughout the year, Grace Bible Church conducts Baptism Sunday – a service where those who have elected to be baptized, can be. We do not baptize babies or children too young to understand the gravity of baptism, which we believe – according to the Bible – is an immersion following a conversion to a life in Christ. Sometimes, people who were baptized as infants elect to be baptized again as adults, once they have made the decision to follow Christ.

What will my child learn in Sunday School?

Your 2 and 3 year old child will learn three basic truths every week here at Grace: God made me, God loves me and God is with me. These truths are taught through God’s Word, the Bible, as well as through songs and crafts. Your preschool child and elementary child will discover who God is, their place in His story of redemption, and how to follow Him. Each week your child will engage in fun, creative activities as well as times of worship.